Friday, February 7, 2014

Testing the Boardwalk top

I was lucky enough to test another pattern for Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, and again Amy didn't disappoint!  The Boardwalk Pattern has so many options! There's the Santa Cruz top which can be made in short sleeves or long sleeves and with a hood or a Henley collar.  There's also the Virginia Beach top and dress for girls!  It comes with the same options as the Santa Cruz, but can also be made into a dress with pockets!

Carter was so excited when I told him I was making him a shirt, poor guy doesn't get even close to as much made for him as Callie does. I went searching for some boyish knit at Joann's. Unfortunately, while they have a great selection of girly prints and baby prints, big boy prints were pretty much non existent. I went with a solid teal for the body and a grey for the accents. He loved it!  Of course I found some nice striped knit for Callie and made her a top too, she couldn't be left out!  The photo shoot was interesting, there was (and still is) a ton of snow on the ground, but Carter was a great model and really liked showing off his new shirt. Callie was in quite a mood that day, so I didn't get great shots of her. 

After the success of the first boardwalk shirts, I HAD to make more!  I found 2 XL t shirts that my husband had gotten at some Flyers playoff games and decided to up-cycle them, since they were way too big for either of us to wear!

When I finished Carter's he said it was "awesome" and had to put it on right away. Any mom who makes clothing knows that this is a huge compliment!  I was so happy to make something he loves. My husband was jealous and wants one for himself!  Callie's is finished now too, but I haven't gotten any pictures of her yet, I am in the middle of making her some leggings to go with it and I will post some pictures when I get them finished. 

This is definitely a pattern that will get used over and over, I already have plans for the next ones I will make, when I finish my list of things I need to do!  Head over to Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop to get your copy of this awesome pattern!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bow Twirl Dress

I'm sitting here wishing it was spring or summer. Even Carter was telling me today that he wishes the cold would go away (although he wants the snow to stay). I'm so tired of being stuck inside and putting on a million layers to just go to the car!  Anyway, a couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to test a pattern by Whimsy Couture Patterns and it had me wishing it was summer even more!  The pattern is called the Bow Twirl Dress and it's awesome!

This pattern is super cute and so much fun!  The pattern has a HUGE range of sizes, which is something that I love!  The sizes are 12-18 months -15/16, all in one pattern!  I made the 2T size for Callie, which came out a little short, but the pattern has been revised to be a little longer, about knee length.  The top is shirred so it's nice and stretchy and will fit for a long time. The bow can be tied in the front or the back, but she insisted on keeping the bow in the back for pictures.  As soon as Callie put it on, she started twirling around. 

While I'm sure we will be getting a ton of use out of this dress (and more that I plan on making) in the spring and summer, it also looks great layered with a long sleeve shirt and leggings, (and my bear hooded cowl!)

If you want to get this pattern or one of Whimsy Couture's other awesome patterns, checkout Whimsy Couture's Etsy shop!  You might notice a familiar little face in a couple listings :)

I will be listing this dress as a custom listing in my shop soon, but for now send me a message and we can work on a dress for you!